Finding High Volume Search Keywords: A Step-by-Step Guide

     "How to Get High Volume Search Keywords. If you want to build a comprehensive keyword topic, there is no right way to do keyword research. This does not mean there is no way that allows you to do this (no budget/time, etc.). 

    high search volume keyword

    For this example, let's create a simple content plan about the art carving keyword that I don't know anything about the keyword. First, see if there is a Wikipedia page https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carving_Art 

    Run the Wikipedia page through Ahrefs and review the rank of the keyword. 

    Look for keywords that you can make into a separate article. 

    We want to find answer question keywords that have a large volume and few competitors (so you have a chance to compete). 

    If you have a limited budget and don't have Ahrefs tools, you can do the same thing with the Keywords Everywhere add-on: 

    • Do a site: search on Google for your URL 
    • Click on the Total keywords 
    • Repeat the process 

    Now copy the Wikipedia page URL and run it through MissingTopics. This is a great FREE tool for finding the most important topics and keywords. 

    https://missingtopics.com/topics You will now have a list (you can guess it) of missing keywords: 

    • Copy the keywords -Select appropriate keywords or topics (remove numbers, parentheses, etc.) 
    • Use as a keyword in Ahrefs explorer Don't forget, make sure you review the topic/keyword before pasting it into Ahrefs. Now go to the Ahrefs keyword explorer and paste the topic/keyword from the missing topic to check. 

    Then apply this filter: 

    • Select matching terms 
    • Select qystion 
    • Set a minimum volume of 20 (free to taste) Just check the keywords that appear with the golden keyword method using the allintitle dork to see the level of competition of the keyword. 

    The good thing about this method is that you can find keywords that you don't know exist (because you don't know the niche). This way is quite effective in finding high volume keywords in a niche that we don't know at all. 

    Will this be the most comprehensive way to find keywords? No... But this is a starting point and it's not bad considering I don't know anything about the niche. 

    This process takes about 5 minutes, and I found a good number of keywords to create content. When you create a blog in a niche you don't know, that's where the Wikipedia method can help. 

    So in answer to the initial question: Does Wikipedia give you enough data to create a cluster of topics (for a niche you don't know)? Yes, but you still need to use other tools to find keywords and topics. The main point is to use Wikipedia as a starting point."